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Year 3 Curriculum

At Sprowston Junior, we provide children with a progressive, knowledge-based curriculum. Children are exposed to, and use, a rich vocabulary which builds through each subject. This gives children an opportunity to develop their language and use technical terms correctly.  

 Our curriculum is shaped for, and by, the children of Sprowston Junior and includes opportunities to learn all about local history, geography and the community that we are part of. Every subject is planned with the children’s needs at the centre and we aim to ensure children have the skills and knowledge in all curriculum areas to help them thrive. 

 Here is an overview of the topics being taught throughout the year. It will give you a flavour of the learning journey that your child will be on this year. You will also find the knowledge organisers (see the link to the right of this page) that we will be using to help develop learning and understanding in some subjects.

Please see the document below for an overview of the Year 3 curriculum.