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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium 2023-24

Statement of intent

Sprowston Junior’s Pupil Premium objective is to support disadvantaged children with all aspects of their education, supporting academic improvement but also success in becoming rounded, respectful citizens who are confident, independent and resilient.

Our goal is to support the pupil premium children with academic and social skills to ensure they are achieving as well as all pupils.

Our strategy is built on a mixture of specific interventions, both academic and social, alongside well organised day to day management of the children’s needs and close relationships with parents. Knowing the pupil premium children extremely well is vital to their success. We need to unpick their needs and work closely with families to help the children thrive.

We make sure we review our practices and look at the evidence available to enable us to make informed decisions about the right approaches to take to enable the children to get excellent support.

Progress will be carefully measured by the following:

- Regular pupil progress meetings

- Pupil Voice surveys

- Data from end of term tests/reviews

- Governor visits & reviews

- Observations

- Learning Walks 

- Liaison with outside agencies 


Please read the full pupil premium plan for 2022/23 below: