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Sprowston Junior School Curriculum

Our school curriculum not only follows the formal requirements of the National Curriculum, but also values other skills and activities that we feel are very important to the children in their learning journey, setting them up for secondary education and beyond. Our curriculum offers an integrated and interesting range of activities in order to enrich the experience of all children, including a diverse programme of visits, visitors and after school provision.

Our progressive and knowledge based curriculum offers a broad range of subjects. Whilst an emphasis is placed on children learning key skills of English and Maths, we place great value on developing the ‘whole child’ and provide an engaging programme of study in all curriculum areas. We believe in bringing learning to life, both indoors and out with an emphasis on engaging and purposeful learning.

We aim to help our children become positive, motivated, successful and independent learners, who can work and cooperate with others, while developing knowledge and skills necessary to enable them to challenge themselves to achieve their full potential and a love of learning. A key value in our curriculum is the importance of shaping respectful citizens whom develop inquisitive and healthy minds, and understand how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Our curriculum puts cooperative learning at its centre, believing that it is important for all children to have a voice and to develop their understanding and skills by working closely with others and learning from one another. Important to this belief is having interactive and vibrant classrooms that are rich in vocabulary.