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8 Week Plans

Our first 8 week plan for 2020-21 (September 2020)  is on Mental Health and we feel it is important this plays a significant role after the recent school closure. 

The aims of the current plan are as follows:

To develop emotional literacy vocabulary

· To learn strategies to self-regulate 

· To enable everyone to be settled in school and then achieve their best

· To improve relationships between all

· For individuals to know who and how to ask for help

· For school to be a nurturing, healthy environment for all

· To share the rationale of Emotion Coaching and develop it’s use in SJS

· To understand that happiness is linked to being connected to others

· To recognise the early signs of mental wellbeing concerns

· For all to understand the benefits and importance of physical exercise, time outdoors, community participation   and voluntary activities on mental wellbeing and happiness

Every term we have an 8 week plan which helps us to focus on a development priority. Next term, we will be working on our blogging to improve our writing across the school.