Year 5 visit Caythorpe Court

10th October 2018

Emily - 5W

Caythorpe was AMAZING!

My favourite moment was when we did raft building because we built the rafts out of barrels and rope, then we all got to ride on them. We all got very wet and some of us jumped in the lake at the end. I really liked jumping in the end and Karina fell in head first which was really funny.

I will never forget Caythorpe!

Ava - 5W

Caythorpe was the best school trip EVER!

My favourite part of the trip was when we played Ambush because my class, the best class, won! The funniest part of the game was when 5I shouted at the wrong people. In the second round we won and while we were waiting for 5I to hide we all sang the chicken song.

The funniest part of the trip was when Emily ate an Oreo at 3am and said she was doing the 3am Oreo challenge.

Caythorpe was the best trip EVER!

Harvey - 5W

Caythorpe was the BEST!

My favourite part of Caythorpe was the High Ropes because they were so high and they were really tricky, when I looked down my legs started to shake. I was the first person in Mr Brown’s group to go round the High Ropes and Oscar was hanging in the middle of it, it was really fun.

Caythorpe was the best school trip EVER