Year 4 visit Norwich Castle

1st October 2018

We recently visited Norwich Castle Museum to learn about the Romans. We all got off the coach and went into the castle. It was surprisingly big. First, we went into a welcoming assembly. We got to know about who the people were and what we were going to do. My favourite activity was meeting the Roman soldier and learning how to be one!  We also practised using shields. We enjoyed the day. It was a great experience. (Matthew 4F)
The half term topic learning about the Romans was exhilarating. We learnt about many gruesome facts!
All the class loved it and I rate it 9/10.
On our trip to the castle, we looked at different materials and what they were used for. After lunch, we looked around the gallery. We saw a pocket-sized roundhouse and some Iceni torcs. We had a brilliant day! (Jessica 4F)