The King's Ransom

1st February 2018

The final performance of 'The King's Ransom' alongside Avenue Junior, St Francis of Assisi and St George's Primary was simply fantastic. All the hard work paid off over two wonderful evenings and the children absolutely loved the experience. 
It was very energetic and fun doing all the actions.  (Phoenix)
It was really exciting. I emjoyed the staging particularly as it included everyone. (Lana)
It was magical when we were on the stage (Lola).
I enjoyed designing the super hero costumes and then I liked painting and making the costumes. (Jamie)
I really enjoyed the night we performed to all our mums and dads (Sky)
It was really exciting to get involved in something new, like a world premiere and being on the news! (Ellie)
 For pictures of the opera, please see the gallery.