Pupil Ambassadors

Sprowston Junior School Pupil Ambassadors

Hello! We are the Sprowston Junior School Pupil Ambassadors.                           

Most of us are in Year 6, but some of us are in Year 5.

We applied for the position of Pupil Ambassador at the beginning of the year. We were given a job description and had to write a letter explaining why we thought we would be a great Ambassador for Sprowston Junior. The next step was to have an interview with Mr Arthur.  He  asked us some pretty tough questions, but were kind really! Those of us that were lucky enough were given the job of Pupil Ambassador. The Year 5 Ambassadors will get to carry on the role next year and new pupils will join them.

Our role is to help around the school. Some of the responsibilities we have are:

  • Giving tours to visitors
  • Running our amazing whole School Council meetings (with a bit of help from our secretaries!)
  • Writing and monitoring our very our School Improvement and Development Plan (SIDP to the teachers!)

This year we are hoping to:

  • Make our action points on our SIDP come true
  • Visit other schools to see how they do things