Our Governors

The Governing Body has a range of responsibilities to assist the staff at school in its vision of supporting all children to achieve their potential.  We play an important role in helping the school's leadership team in setting aims and objectives, agreeing targets, budgets, policies and priorities and monitoring effectiveness.  We evaluate the school performance and help develop ways in which the school could improve through monitoring reports and the School Improvement & Development Plan.

Please note - term of office is 4 years unless otherwise stated.

   Date of Appointment       Committee Business or Pecuniary Interests Register Attendance at FGB for 2019-20
Headteacher Governor        
 Matt Walton -  Headteacher    19/9/2019  Attends all committees  None  
Co-opted Governors
 **********************  ********************  **********
 Liz Clark  19/9/2019   Pupils & Community  None  
 Karen Michlmayr  19/9/2019 
Pupils & Community
 Hayley Stockwell
Chair - Curriculum & Standards Committee
Finance & Buildings
Curriculum & Standards
Revd Simon Stokes
Chair of Finance
Vice Chair
Finance & Buildings
Governor at Falcon Junior School (Jan 2012)
Wife - teacher at St Michaels Junior School, Bowthorpe (Sept 2007)
 Paul  Weeks 
 Chair of  Governors
 Curriculum &  Standards
 Trustee of Diocese of Norwich Educational Trust Academy  
  David Arthur
 5/9/2018 Curriculum & Standards    
 LA   Governor  **********
 ********************  **********
 James Day  30/11/2017
Curriculum & Standards
 Teacher in another educational establishment  
 Parent Governor  **********
 ********************  **********
 Neill Ives  07/11/2017
 Pupils and Community
 Toby Hartley            17/11/2016  Pupils and Community  None
 Laura Latimer  17/11/2016  Curriculum and Standards
 1) Vice-chair of School Lane Pre-School 2015 - present
2) Teacher at Firside Junior 2013- present
 Kate Emery  09/02/2018
 Curriculum and Standards
 Scott Richardson  01/12/2018  Pupils and Community    
 Staff Governor  **********
 ********************  **********
Stephen Brown  01/01/2018
 Pupils and Community
Clerk to the Governors  **********
 ********************  **********
 Liz Faulkes  05/09/2018  Has no voting rights/associate member of finance  None