Go - Go- Hare

1st March 2018

The leveret is named Sprowston Long Socks, inspired by its 4 long socks which represents each of our 4 house groups (Earth, Fire, Air and Water).
Every child was given the opportunity to enter a design for the finished leveret. The final design consists of elements from around 20 children's designs. We felt it was important to include everyone in our Go Go Hare experience, therefore the base is decorated with playing cards signed by every child and adult within the school. 26 pupils were chosen due to their passion and enthusiasm for the arts to attend a V.I.P. after school club to decorate the hare. Children had the opportunity to work with acrylic paint to decorate the main body and mod-roc to construct our majestic top hat. They thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience We can't wait to see our final sculpture displayed in Norwich city centre!