British Values

As a community, we take the opportunity in many ways to promote British Values. These are defined by the government as the following:


Our school council regularly seeks the views of pupils on issues such as school improvement, fund raising ideas, charity events, fairness and equal opportunities. They also discuss all aspects of British Values. Staff seek pupil voice regularly and listen to all their ideas. Parents voices are also welcomed. Democracy is taught throughout the curriculum and during assemblies.  


The Rule of Law:

The importance of Laws, whether they be those that govern the class, school, or the country, are consistently reinforced across the school on a daily basis.  The pupils follow a behaviour charter and the importance and reasons behind these rules are discussed during assemblies and class time. The school has a comprehensive behaviour policy which is reviewed regularly.  All staff, pupils and parents sign a home /school agreement on admission to the school.  All stakeholders are aware of their responsibilities and the consequences of their actions. The school has close links with the local community police, PCSO’s who regularly visit and informally support the school. The children are encouraged during PSHE and assemblies to be good citizens and this message comes through strongly in the aims of the school.

 Individual Liberty:

All pupils are encouraged to become independent learners, developing a thirst for knowledge and making informed choices. Pupils have the opportunities to take on many responsibilities such as Eco team leaders and House leaders. A variety of lunch and after-school clubs provide wide-ranging enrichment.


Mutual Respect:

There is a strong ethos of respect at Sprowston Junior We expect and hold the highest expectations for everyone in our school community. We teach the pupils to take pride in themselves, their work, their school and local community.  We are also striving to encourage the pupils to become good digital citizens, through the e safety curriculum.  The message of mutual respect is demonstrated every day and reinforced through assemblies. Our 'behaviours for learning' words help the children explore tolerance and understanding and our work in philosophy and during whole school themed weeks enable the children to work together and to respect each other. Every term a different year group raises money for a different charity and the work of the charity is highlighted and shared with the whole school.


Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs:

We are proud of the cultural diversity of our school. We strive to provide lots of opportunities for our pupils to learn, understand and tolerate those of different faiths and beliefs. Our RE Policy includes key aims to enable pupils to develop their knowledge and understanding of religious beliefs, practices and lifestyles. We actively seek and utilise the knowledge and experience of the parents who sometimes give input into lessons.

We have regular assemblies in school delivered by the Vicar of St Mary's and St Margaret's churches in Sprowston and make good use of assemblies in general to celebrate cultural diversity in society.


Our whole curriculum ensures that there are plenty of opportunties for the promotion of these key values, particularly with our strong emphasis on social and emotional aspects of learning. The attached information gives further specific examples of how the values are promoted at SJS.